Tuesday, December 11, 2012

side tracked...

This blog was supposed to be about homesteading, and somehow it morphed into my own personal battle with carboydrates.

Nuff of that!!!!!

Actually, a little update on the veggie room?  We now have three deer worth of venison (ground, steaks and tenderloins, two hearts and a roast) in the freezer.  We are down to our last quart of strawberry jam (so much for it lasting 8 months!)

We still have 3 quarts of veggie soup left, we've eaten one and given one away.  I've yet to break into the frozen green beans, yellow beans or beet greens, but I should soon, or they will "burn".

The chickies are slowing down because it's so cold and dark, but we're still getting an avg of 3-4 eggs a day.

End of update. :-)

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